-College Student Smart Start Back to School Bundle-


As the new academic year approaches, Pharmacy Innovations is excited to offer specialized “Smart Start” bundles crafted to meet the unique needs of college-age students.

Our college student bundles come packed with stress-relief solutions, sleep aids, and essential vitamins to help them stay on top of their game during those late-night study sessions. 💤😴📚

Each Bundle Includes:

  • Instruction cards for your college students, detailing when and how to use each item in the bundle. Additionally, we include a bonus card for parents to keep at home, in case your student calls with any questions or concerns.
  • Vit C-500mg Tablets
  • Viracid Capsules
  • CofIxRX Throat Spray
  • Daytime Cold & Flu
  • Night Time Cold & Flu
  • Banofen (Benadryl) 25mg Minitabs
  • Melatonin Capsules
  • Ibuprofen
  • Electrolytes PowerPak
  • Sheer Bandages
  • Dual Action Cream (Neosorpin)
  • Cogh Drops


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